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Prevent disease, stings, and insects around your home with our comprehensive Pest Defense Package. Only $49.95 for your initial visit – save hundreds!

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Call us now at 800-461-6909.

Spider Control Brought to You by the Spider Guy

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Got weeds, thin grass, poor color in your lawn?

Create a lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood with our proven, expert lawn care applications.

SAVE $50* on an annual lawn care service! It’s our best offer!

*New customers only on first application or value package with annual plan.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Great lawn service. Best part is the same technician services my lawn each time. I have a conversation with him each time. I am also assured consistent service.

Douglas M.

TDI does a great job with my lawn care, mosquito treatment, termite protection and pest treatment. They are professional and always call ahead before arriving. I highly recommend TDI.

Fred A.

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